Sunday, 2 August 2015

Beauty products that every girl should own

Hey everyone!
In today's post I will be showing you 9 different products which I feel should have a place in every girl's bathroom cabinet.
Despite the fact that I own (too) many beauty products, there are some that I always need to have in my bathroom......

Haircare essentials

Batiste Dry Shampoo "clean and classic" -  Before dry shampoo became popular, I remember the horrible sinking feeling that I would get when I would realise that my hair needed washing, but that I had no time to go through the time-consuming process of shampooing it.
Dry shampoo is an absolute god send. A few quick spritzes is all you need to refresh your hair and avoid such situations. Batiste is the best one that I have tried and there are plenty of different scents and types to try out. I always make sure that I have a can of this ready for use.

L'oreal Elnett satin hairspray -  I use styling tools quite often but also live in the UK , where the weather is unpredictable and for a lot of the year - rainy. Hairspray is essential for keeping my style somewhat intact!
The hairspray that I always find myself going back to is the L'oreal Elnett one. It doesn't leave my hair "crunchy" and disappears when I run a brush through my hair. There are also plenty of formulas for every occasion and style so you are bound to find one that you like.


 Rimmel Stay Matte powder "Transparent" - I don't have to say much about this powder because it is incredibly popular in the beauty blogging world. What I will say is that it gives a flawless finish, mattifies my skin (without making it look completely lifeless!) and sets my makeup.
I think that a powder is essential because it allows me to touch up my makeup without making a mess by getting out liquid foundation and concealer. Powders also get rid of the dreaded shiny t-zone which often comes with the longer,warmer summer days....

Tweezerman eyelash curler - I feel that every makeup bag should contain one of these, because my eyelash curler has changed the way my mascara looks completely.
Using an eyelash curler makes applying mascara much easier, and really opens up your eyes. It's a definite must-have when it comes to my everyday makeup routine.
I haven't tried a different curler to this one, so if anyone has any recommendations for others that I should try then leave them down below!


Simple micellar cleansing water - Micellar waters are probably the most convenient,easy-to-use skincare products on the market. I love using my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser (review on my blog!), but there are times when I need to take my makeup off in an instant. This is the answer!
A quick sweep of a cotton pad soaked in micellar water over my face is all that I need to refresh my skin and remove my makeup. I used this a lot on holiday because I removed my makeup more often than usual throughout the day. I didn't want to waste my Liz Earle because it is quite expensive so I turned to this instead.
I think that all micellar waters work the same way, but this was just the one that I took with me.

Glittery headband (place of purchase unknown) -This may seem a bit random, but a headband is a bathroom essential for me. I use this one to push my hair off my face when I cleanse my skin so that it doesn't get in the way. Again, it really doesn't matter where it's from, but I think that every girl should have one of these to hand!


Dove Invisible Dry Deodorant - Whilst deodorant is an obvious essential, I think that the stick type is the best. The effects of normal spray deodorants wear off after a few hours for me and so I tried the cream-stick type about a year ago and have never swapped back! The cream seems to form a barrier on your underarms and so stops me from sweating and keeps my clothes smelling fresh all day long.
If you find that your normal deodorant isn't working then I urge you to try one of the cream-stick types. I've even converted my mum and she hasn't used the spray kind since either!

Boots NAILS moisturising nail polish remover pads - So much more convenient that the bottled kind, nail polish remover pads should have a place in every girl's bathroom cabinet. I find that bottled nail polish remover makes such a mess and I often put too much on the cotton wool never goes to plan!

Sudocrem skin care cream - I call this the "magic cream" because of its versatility and ability to heal all sorts of cuts and grazes. Also available in a tub, this cream can help with spots - a small amount on any pimples that you have dries them out overnight and brings down any redness.
I have used this product for all sorts of purposes - sunburn, cuts, grazes, spots....the list goes on!

Thank you for reading this post, if you have any feedback or suggestions (or just want to say hi!) then please leave a comment down below!
Elle xox