Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Top tips for dry and damaged hair!

Hello again everyone!
In the summer months, my hair never seems to know what to do with itself. Sometimes it's oily and needs washing more often than normal, and at other times my hair feels dry and over processed.
The truth of the matter is that summer always leaves my hair more damaged and in need of some serious TLC!
Even if you have oily hair, you shouldn't forget that your locks can still be damaged by things such as the over use of heat tools.
So, here are my tips for improving the condition of dry and/or damaged hair!

L'oreal replenishing and taming conditioner - £5.99

1. Condition, condition, condition!

Many people often under-estimate the power of conditioner. It's not just a part of your hair-washing routine - it's the most important part.  The conditioner that I would recommend is the one shown above. This conditioner is part of L'oreal's "hair expertise" range and has improved the condition of my hair so much.  After use, my hair felt so nourished and for the first time in ages, the ends were actually soft and felt well-conditioned. 
When conditioning.....

  • squeeze out the excess water from your hair before application. The conditioner doesn't have to "get through" all of the water and so each strand is treated to the full benefits of the product.
  • leave the product on your hair for a minute or so to let it nourish your hair for longer.
  • Wash your conditioner out with cold water. This helps to seal in shine.
If you have oily hair that feels damaged and in need of some extra care, but are worried that a conditioner like the one above will make your hair extra oily, then I suggest looking for a product that advertises as giving "weightless hydration" or that is "lightweight".

Aussie 3 minute miracle - £4.99

2. Give your hair a treat....

If your hair still feels dry wash after wash, even after using conditioner, then maybe it's time to invest in something a little more luxurious, Deep conditioners can be great for people who feel like their regular conditioner isn't getting the job done. If you think that you are one of these people, then I would recommend that you use a deep conditioner or hair mask once a week. Swap your conditioner out for something like Aussie's "3 minute miracle" and see if it makes a difference. 
There are many products out there for this purpose, so doing a bit of research wouldn't hurt.

Tresemme heat defence - £5.25

3. Don't compromise on heat protection!

Many years ago, I never used heat protection spray on my hair. I thought "Why bother?". But nowadays, it is an essential part of my hair care routine. I  use this before I put any sort of heat to my hair. Heat protection sprays coat the hair strands, meaning that they are shielded from the worst of the heat. This helps to retain moisture and ultimately keep your hair healthy.
I find that my hair straightens better when I use heat protection , such as this one from Tresemme. 
I always look for a spray that promises to make hair easier to style -  many help to make hair shinier, softer and less prone to breakage,

Garnier sleek perfector oil - £9.99

4.  Look after your hair between washes

Whilst many people wash their hair because it becomes greasy, others feel like their hair gets drier and drier in between washes. 
If this is you, then hair oils could be the answer to the problem.
If my hair starts to feel dry and damaged between washes, then I take a pump of the Garnier Ultimate Blends "The Sleek Perfector oil" in my hands and then evenly distribute the product through my hair.
My favourite time to do this is at night, just before I go to bed. My hair soaks up the serum during the night and in the morning, my hair feels soft, silky and nourished.
There are many other products on the market, you just need to experiment and see which one works best for you.......

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