Monday, 17 August 2015

Foundation, BB or CC?

With all of the different kinds of makeup available today, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. Should you try BB cream? Or maybe CC cream? But what about foundation? I hope that this post can help you decide which type is best for you...enjoy!

 CC Cream  -  For most brands, CC cream stands for "colour correcting" cream. The product is supposed to "colour correct" dark under-eye circles, red patches (such as spot scars or actual pimples) and even-out your complexion.
The Bourjois "123 Perfect" CC cream is pictured on the left in the above photo and as you may be able to tell, this particular cream is quite runny compared to the foundation in the middle and the BB cream on the right. I wouldn't even call it a cream - it's almost a mix between a cream and a serum...
 I would say that CC creams give medium coverage. I never need concealer when I use one because I really do feel like it covers up or "corrects" my dark under-eye circles. However, if you have bad acne or any really red spots then you may need some sort of concealer to completely cover it.
Most CC creams give a glowing finish and provide your skin with some moisturisation which I like but which wouldn't be good if you like a matte finish or have oily skin.
Most CC creams come with an SPF which is brilliant, especially in summer!


  • People with dark under-eye circles or redness that isn't properly covered by their usual base.
  • Anyone who wants glowing skin and a little moisturisation from their makeup.
  • Those who need to stremline their makeup routine with an all in one product that corrects and conceals.
  • The summer time!

 BB Cream - Short for "Blemish Balm" or "Beauty Balm", BB creams have been popular in the beauty and blogging world for some time now.
Most BB creams are multitasking products - they usually pack a moisture punch, give subtle coverage, have an SPF and leave you with glowing skin after application.
Unlike CC creams, I've found that BB creams don't give as much coverage and won't get rid of under-eye circles or cover up redness. The coverage is very light and simply evens out the complexion.
The BB creams that I have tried have a really creamy consistency and are very similar to a moisturiser - to be honest, I haven't seen much difference between a BB cream and a tinted moisturiser (if anyone knows the real difference between the two then I'd love to know - just leave a comment down below  :))


  • Younger girls who are just starting out with makeup and want very subtle coverage.
  • Lazy days when you don't want a full face of makeup but would like to even out your complexion just in case you need to pop to the shops!
  • People with dry skin 
  • Sunny days when you want coverage with an SPF (the Dream Fresh BB cream from Maybelline has an amazing SPF of 30!!)

FOUNDATION - Most girls who are have been experimenting with makeup for a while will have tried some sort of foundation. 
The great thing about foundation is the variety of types that are available. There are matte foundations, high coverage foundations, foundations with subtle coverage and foundations that keep skin moisturised all day. Most foundations are designed to be long lasting (but many don't deliver on this promise!) so are good when you have an event to go to. 
I tend to reach for my foundation when I feel like I need more coverage or when I want a longer lasting makeup look. 
I feel like foundation just "masks" rather than "correcting" and this "masked" look isn't to everyone's taste. When I use foundation, I feel the need to use lots of blusher to make my skin look more alive!
Unlike BB or CC cream, my foundation always has to be an exact match for my skin tone. This can be tricky when a brand doesn't always offer a wide range of shades.

  • Events when you want long lasting coverage and a flawless complexion
  • People who want to have lots of choice when it comes to picking the right product for them - foundations come in a variety of formulas.
I hope that this post has helped you in some sort of way! 
Ell xox