Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Books for beauty bloggers

Hello again everyone!
Before I started blogging, I had been interested in photography and beauty/makeup for quite some time and so had accumulated a number of books that I would consult whenever I needed some inspiration. Now that I have actually set up a blog, I have found myself going back to these three books time and time again - I find them to be the most helpful, inspiring books out of the lot and I hope that you can get as much out of them as I have!

Daniela Bowker - "Social Photography" -    
 This book is ideal for those of you who use your smartphone for the majority of your blog photos.
The cover of this book is so colourful and vibrant- it was actually what attracted me to it in the first place!
The contents of the book are just as fun - Daniela runs you through everything you need to know about capturing beautiful photos on a smartphone whilst sharing her own photos as examples.
There is also a section on the different social media platforms which might be useful if you are looking to set up an additional account on another platform to advertise your blog.
This book looks amazing on your coffee table and is perfect for iphone addicts and social media newbies.

Henry Carrol -"Read this if you want to take great photographs" -  Another photography book, but this time for people using cameras. The blurb notes that this is "ideal for users of DSLR, compact system and bridge cameras", and as I fall under one of those categories, I tend to consult this book more than "Social Photography".
When I was given my first "proper" camera, I was delighted, but pretty stuck when it came to the different functions that the camera came with - until I read this.
The book tells you all that you need to know - from setting an ISO to choosing a shutter speed.
After reading this I felt do much more confident when using my camera and my photos improved - no longer was I just pointing the lens at a random object and hoping for the best!
"Read this if you want to take great photographs" also contains a variety of beautiful, inspiring photographs to look at and gives you clever tips on how to compose the perfect shot.

 Bobbi Brown - "Beauty Rules" - I received this book for my 13th birthday and it was the perfect present. If you've been 13 , you'll know that it can be an awkward stage. I had just started to get properly interested in makeup but had a complete lack of knowledge on how to apply it the right way. It's also the age that you begin to feel insecure about your body and the way that you look.
Bobbi Brown completely gets it - this book is filled with life lessons and makeup tips to help you get through your teens and early twenties.
There are many great sections - one for makeup, one for hair, one for skincare and a few on feeling confident in your own skin. Bobbi also gives practical advice on everything from eating well to braces.
I feel like this is a book that no girl should grow up without reading - it taught me everything that I needed to know about makeup and feeling confident and years later I can still learn things from it.

Thanks for reading! Before I go I'd just like to say thank you for over 100 followers on bloglovin'! It means so much to me that you are taking the time to follow and read my blog :)
Elle xox