Sunday, 22 November 2015

My top 3 drugstore makeup brands

I've never been one for high-end makeup. I love to treat myself now and again but I always head to the drugstore brands for the majority of my makeup and so I thought I'd put together my three favourite drugstore makeup brands - one for every budget and taste!


This brand's beautiful packaging always makes me feel like I'm shopping at the high end counters. I especially love the lipsticks and foundations that L'oreal have to offer. The collection exclusive lipsticks are to die for and the black and gold casing is luxurious! This brand is also amazing if you have paler skin like my as they have a great range of shades.


My go-to for essentials. If I need something like a simple nail polish or mascara, I'll head to Maybelline. My all time favourite is definitely the Lash Sensational mascara - super affordable but 
better than any high-end mascara I've ever tried! You can definitely find some gems in the Maybelline aisles.


I've read in so many magazines that french skincare is the best available, and based on my experience, so is the makeup! As with L'oreal, the packaging is really pretty and the formulas behave like high end products. The only downside is that the shade ranges aren't great, so I can't really use my beloved Healthy Mix until the summer! But overall, I always gravitate towards Bourjois when I'm on the hunt for some great makeup..

I hope you enjoyed and I'll speak to you in my next post!
Elle xox