Sunday, 6 December 2015

Beauty on trial : H&M Beauty Department

Another apology is due this week for my absence in the blogging world over these past few days. If you're a regular reader you may have noticed a lack of continuity in my posting and I'm very sorry! Is anyone else finding the dark evenings a killer when it comes to blog photography?!
Anyway, in today's post, I'll be testing out H&M's "Beauty Department" products which I recently discovered (I think it's only available in larger H&M stores?). I was intrigued by the beautiful and innovative packaging and the high-end feel of the products. Here are some of the items which I picked up:

High Impact Eye Colour  (£4.99)

I was immediately drawn to these gorgeous eye shadows and the vivid colours which H&M offered. The white an
d gold casing screams high-end and yet this product only set me back £4.99 (and came in a lovely little box!). I went for this greyish shimmery shade called "gala gown". It's quite a sheer shimmer which I think would be perfect for a christmas party when you just want to add a touch of glamour! It's definitely build-able but I would recommend priming your eyes before application to ensure longevity. But for the teeny-weeny price of under £5, you can't go far wrong and I feel like these would make an excellent stocking-filler!

Raspberry Leaf Peel-off mask (£1.99)

I had seen another blogger do a review on these unusual looking face masks and it's safe to say that I was intrigued. On my next trip to H&M, I picked up this one for combination skin. The product is contained within a cute little pod which I assume will make for easier application than if it was in one of those annoyingly messy sachets! I haven't actually tried it out yet (I had to wait to take the photos) but the beautiful raspberry scent is enough to make me want to buy another one!

Cashmere Haze Hand Wash  (£3.99)

I must admit, I did only buy this because of the pretty packaging, and wasn't too fussed on the scent. I'm used to simple Radox soaps, so I felt very sophisticated when popping this by my sink! The smell of this is ok, but classically soapy with a slight floral scent to it. I won't be repurchasing simply because the scent isn't for me, but there are plenty of others to try, and for £3.99, I'm not at all dissapointed.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the presentation and affordability of the H&M beauty range and I will definitely be venturing into the beauty isles again to try out the variety of other great products available.

Elle xox