Thursday, 9 July 2015

June Favourites 2015

Hello again!
This year has gone so quickly and I cannot believe that it's already July!
With another month over and done with, I thought that I would write about my June Favourites. I have been loving so many things recently, but for the purpose of this blog post I have condensed them and selected six which I feel are my absolute favourites....

I purchased this impulse spray recently from Boots (they are always on offer so pop down to your local drugstore and check them out). The can tells me that it is "Raspberry and Gardenia" scented and I must admit that I was ready to buy as soon as I saw the word "Raspberry".
When I arrived home with this and was able to properly try it out, I fell in love! 
My favourite smells are ones that combine fruity and floral notes, so this spray gets a big thumbs up from me. Neither of the scents overpower each other and the overall smell is feminine and summery.
Just perfect....

This little beauty has become my everyday moisturiser (despite the fact that it is described as a pre-moisturiser). My skin does not respond very well to regular moisturisers - they make my face oily (no matter what skin type they're targeted at) and I find that they just sit on my skin and don't sink in properly. 
I was out shopping a while back and found the Aloe Vera version of this in the Body Shop's skincare section. Curious to see how my skin would react to a serum, I purchased it.......and LOVED IT!!
  • The serum actually sank into my skin, which made my face feel more hydrated than usual. 
  • The next morning, my skin wasn't oily at all and over time, my skin started to look healthier.
The next time I tried to buy the Aloe Vera one, I couldn't find it, so I tried this one instead. I liked it just as much and have been using this product ever since (this is my 3rd bottle).
The product may seem a little pricey (£12.00 for 30ml) for such a small amount of serum, but you really don't need much and in my opinion it is worth it....

My body and face seem to react in the same way to moisturisers. I never used to moisturise my body because, after all that effort, I just felt extremely greasy.
I had seen this product advertised a lot and had always wanted to try it - I'm so glad that I eventually did!
The spray can makes it easy to apply and the formula isn't very thick, so it sinks in pretty fast.
I will be re-purchasing this product when this can runs out!

Maybelline Dream touch blush

I have really enjoyed using this blusher for the past month or so.
It has a very creamy formula, yet it is very long lasting and doesn't just slide down my face an hour after application.
The colour is gorgeous - a dark pink with tiny flecks of glitter in it. 
The glitter isn't visible after application (I was a little worried that it would make me look like a disco ball!)  - and actually gives me a lovely glow . 
You only need the tiniest little bit of this for it to work its magic and the pot will last be ages.

I bet that you have heard of this little miracle!
If not then allow me to introduce you - this is the Nivea Lip butter in the Raspberry flavour. It has an ultra creamy formula and is my go-to product when my lips need some TLC.
The smell is incredible - like raspberry ice cream. Unlike many other products for the lips, it actually tastes as good as it smells.
You really don't need a lot of this - the only downside is that too much will leave a white residue on your lips. However, a little goes a long way, so this doesn't really matter.
An amazing product that I take with me everywhere!

Thanks for reading - I'll speak to you again in my next blog post!
Elle xox